Design Tokens: A Journey with a Course Correction

Let’s talk design tokens and the lessons we learned! In our quest for a stellar design system, we embarked on the exciting journey of implementing them –– and well, we encountered some roadblocks. The initial setup was smooth. Our design team had recently switched from Sketch to Figma, and this presented a golden opportunity to … Read more

Doubling Accessibility Conformance With Just 1 File

Ever feel like accessibility is a constant battle in your dev team? You preach the importance, you evangelize, you showcase bug fixes in weekly meetings, but integrating it into the daily workflow can feel overwhelming. Well, fret no more, fellow accessibility champion! Here’s a story about a super easy solution that transformed our team’s approach … Read more

Effective Design System’s Governance Communication

Without an effective plan to communicate what happens within your Design System, you’re not reaching everyone you should and missing out on valuable feedback and showcasing your Design System’s value. Communicating what the Governance does and what the Design System offers is the way you ensure consumers know about what you do so they can … Read more